FAQ - Art Guidelines

Art Templates

Art templates are available on the website. Templates illustrate correct bleed and margin size. The majority of custom items require 1/8" bleed past the cut line and 1/8" copy margin inside the cut line.

Software Formats
Adobe Illustrator
Export files as EPS or PDF.

Adobe InDesign, QuarkXpress and CorelDRAW
Export files as EPS or PDF.

Adobe Photoshop
Export files as PDF or PSD.

Note: Support files must contain: vector art, high resolution (300 dpi) images at finished imprint size for halftones and postcript fonts. PDF is the preferred file format that enables art files to process efficiently.

Outlined fonts are preferred. If this is not possible, send fonts with files.

Stuffit® and WinZip®

Vector Art
Vector art is resolution independent, meaning it can be enlarged without reducing image quality. This is the preferred format for all artwork. All type should be converted to outlines to avoid potential font problems.

Raster Art
Raster art is resolution dependent, meaning it cannot be enlarged without reducing the image quality. To ensure optimal print quality, TIFFs are used with spot color or full color artwork. Create at 300 dpi on the final print size. Art should be sent as RGB for full color artwork.

Technologo is an easy-to-use virtual sample program within product pages at gill-line.com that lets you, or your customer, upload and edit artwork for all stock shape items.

Each product is set up with its own specific imprint area and when a logo is uploaded to that product it will automatically be resized to properly fit in the area. In addition, a white background can be removed in one step, the logo can be colorized, and the text can be added and edited. Create perfect virtual samples every time!

Download Art Guidelines

Four-color process printing is used for reproducing high quality graphics with photo quality images. This also works well for small multi color graphics in which the total color count would exceed seven or eight colors.

Digitally created process images should be created in or converted to CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) format. Some programs, such as Photoshop, default to RGB (red, green, blue) format and must be changed. *Note any color change in the image when converting from RGB to CMYK and adjust colors as needed.

Follow the instructions below for best results when using a scanned image within the art layout.


    Use an original continuous tone image scanned on a high-end drum scanner.


The scan must be CMYK at 300 DPI resolution or higher at actual print size. Most flat bed scanners only scan in the RGB mode. Although these files will look good on the computer monitor, the color information will not convert correctly for a four-color process printed image.

Both created and scanned images must have a resolution of 300 DPI or higher at final print size. Resolution cannot simply be increased in the program if working from a low resolution file. This merely spreads the original pixel information across a greater number of pixels and does not improve image quality. (Most internet images are a low resolution of 72 DPI.)

Scanned images cannot be manipulated. Text, logos, borders, etc. should be created in a drawing / layout program such as Illustrator, FreeHand or InDesign. This allows us to make necessary adjustments to the digital file such as adding trap.

Convert all text to paths, curves or outlines. If this is not possible send both screen and printer Type 1 fonts used for the job being printed.

Send a copy of all original supporting files used to create the image. When sending Photoshop files, leave the art in layers (do not flatten or merge layers).

Color proofs are made from the digital file and may vary slightly from your computer monitor or color printer. The final printed product may also vary slightly from the color proof due to the differences between printing and proofing methods.


AFL-CIO Union Label
Available by request. Used on all political orders unless specified.

Orders received before June 1st for items with stock calendars will receive current year calendar unless otherwise specified. Orders received on June 1st or after will receive the following year's calendar unless otherwise specified.

Cancellation Charge
$50.00 (X) if an order is cancelled after artwork has been prepared. Once an order has been printed, it cannot be cancelled.

Children's Products 
As required by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, certain products will be marked with tracking information including our company name. These items include the Sticker Sheet Collection and #3302, 3303, and 3307 Lapel Stickers on Rolls.

Color Match
If a Pantone® number is specified or a color sample matched add $45.00 (E). No guarantee of perfect matches. Color match not available on black License frames. Color Match available on Double-Sided Poly Bag Signs add $175.00 (E).

State and federal laws vary with regard to notices which must be printed and identification of those responsible for purchasing, publishing, or distributing political advertising. Be sure your customer submits the correct copy to meet these requirements.

Custom Decals:
Multiply length times width for total square inches. Count number of colors. White must be priced as a color on clear. Determine quantity.

Intermediate Quantities: To price quantities between the standard quantities shown use the unit rate for the next lower quantity. For example, 200 units price at the 125 unit rate; 400 units price at the 250 unit rate, etc. Contact Customer Service on quantities or sizes not shown.

Repeat Orders 
Identify repeat orders with the previous order number and the year it was produced. Orders are retained on file for three years. A sample will be needed for repeat orders more than three years old.

White Backup on Clear Material

When printed on clear material, we recommend backing the imprint with white for better readability. This can be done three ways: a halo around the image area (a small outline of white will show), slightly inside the image area (not available on small type or fine detail), or a white background. Please submit your artwork with a white plate for this white backing.

Printing Methods:
Screen, flexography, digital, offset and thermal printing. Refer to Ink Information for additional information.

Four-Color Process: Four-color process is available on many catalog products. Screen Printing: Printed in 55-100 line screen. Offset and Flexo Printing: Printed in 150 line screen. Digital Printing: Variable resolution. Contact Customer Service for additional information or specifications, or if design is separated from original art. When printing on clear material, backing the imprint with white is recommended. White must be priced as a color.

Proofs: Proof will be furnished upon request. No charge for two proofs per order. Additional proofs $20.00 (X) per proof. Proofs will be emailed unless otherwise requested. A complete email address must be provided. Email proof colors will vary based on your computer system or printer. Refer to Standard Color chart for colors.

Production Time
Production time begins after receipt of complete order including art, in catalog quantities or after proof approval. Check with Customer Service about production time above catalog quantity. Changes made to an order in progress could result in a later ship date.

Expedited Service: An extra charge many be required to expedite an order to ship in less than normal production time. Contact Customer Service each time this service is needed to discuss customer requirements and our ability to meet them given current production conditions.


Material samples are always available at no charge for testing. Because of the wide variety of uses of our materials, we would like to ensure that the right product or material is used for a particular application. Identifying how the product will be used or what the decal will be applied to will help determine what material is best suited for that application.

Mode of shipment: Please specify. The F.O. B. point is our plant in Kansas or Minnesota. If no specific instructions are given these guidelines will be followed:

  • Weight-based guidelines:

    • 1 to 200 lbs.: United Parcel Service throughout the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada. UPS Air Service or U.S. Postal Service is optional. Please specify.
    • 200 lbs. and over: UPS Hundredweight Service or Truck.
  • Shipping and handling charges will be added to all orders.
  • $10.00 (X) handling charge will be added to shipments requesting 3rd party freight billing.

Drop Shipments: For same day shipment to multiple destinations or by multiple shipping methods add $8.00 (X) for each shipment after the first. $48.00 (X) each for large corrugated signs and rigid material items over 24" x 48".

Split Shipments:  For partial shipments on different days add $28.00 (X) for each shipment after the first. All split shipment orders should be shipped within 6 months of receipt of order.

Packaging: Bulk except where noted.

Website Illustrations
Logos and other imprints shown on this website are for illustrative purposes only. They do not imply endorsement, nor are any items with these specific logos for sale to anyone other than parties expressly authorized by the owner of such designs.